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Month: March 2019

does laser hair removal hurt

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The unwanted hair can be a big nuisance or nightmare for many men and women. A few years ago, removal was impractical, uncomfortable, slow and expensive, so laser hair removal is very important nowadays. Laser hair removal is one of the most in demand beauty services at Restoration Clinic in Perth because apart from electrolysis, which can be painful and very expensive, many other hair removal methods provide only temporary results.

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hypercalcemia treatment

What You Should Know About Hypercalcemia Treatment

Hypercalcemia condition occurs when the concentration of calcium is too high in your blood. Although calcium is an essential mineral for the normal

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facial reconstruction surgery

Reasons to get a facial reconstruction surgery

There are many reasons why an individual would seek facial reconstruction surgery. If you are a victim of serious scarring or facial disfigurement due to

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dental implant vs crown

Dental Implant vs Crown

Teeth get ruined with time. You and your dentist might struggle to save every tooth, but the reality is there is only so much you can do. If the time comes when you’d have to say goodbye to a tooth, or more,  it is time to consider the next step. […]

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ideal breast implants

Ideal breast implants for different body type

In today’s surgical world, the ideal breast implants imply the best matching implantation depending on the size of the breast. The implantation is done upon

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dental crown problems

Dental Crown Problems

Unfortunately, obtaining a dental crown sometimes come with several risks and complications. Just like any other surgical process, there exist postoperative issues after the procedure and some of them can be out of your control or the control of the dentist. But if you ever encounter any problem after after […]

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broken nose surgery

Things you need to know about broken nose surgery

What is a broken nose? Also known as nose fracture or nasal fracture is the crack or break in the bone in the nose cartilage which normally occurs in the

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