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Ideal breast implants for different body type

ideal breast implants

In today’s surgical world, the ideal breast implants imply the best matching implantation depending on the size of the breast. The implantation is done upon proper consultation from the expert in the field and after thorough diagnosis. This is done not only to enhance the breast size but to boost confidence, enhance the figure and to make it look natural. Best Breast Implants Sydney is a world-class clinical practice that can guide you with the best breast implants for your body.

Small Breast

The most common candidates are skinny body women who have small breasts. Small breasts are no way less attractive. However, most women to boost their confidence come under the knife to increase the size. The demand is to correct their breast and make it fuller not bulgy. The surgery is done through silicon implantation, which is placed under the chest muscle. Sometimes, it will be done over the chest muscle to give shape and make it look natural. Nipple incision is performed to correct the position of the nipple.

ideal breast implantsFuller Breast

Some women come in for consultation and are ready to go under the knife to have fuller breast. These women need just an enhancement to their existing breasts, not an overall work. Doctors find it easier to work on them as they already have a good amount of breast tissue, to begin with. These candidates can opt for either silicone or saline implantation. Recently, the demand for saline implantation has risen. The implantation is placed over the muscle and inframammary incision is performed.

Flabby Breast

The third type of women is those who have flabby breasts. Women with this shape of breast prefer to lift their breast rather than enhance their size. A technique called breast lift is used to meet their demand. In this process, the surgeon repositions the nipple and places the implant in the chest. Here too, the implants are made of saline or silicone. Recently, it has been found that women prefer saline than silicone.

Whatever may be the size, preference or shape of the body, consulting an expert in the field is recommended for everyone who wants to make an upgrade to their breasts.

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