Know the Best Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

A beautiful and white set of teeth can enhance your confidence and self esteem but majority of people who have yellowish teeth due to some foods, smoking or drinking alcohol. Hence you should follow the best home remedies to whiten teeth as it is the most cost effective option as compared to visiting a dental clinic for undergoing expensive teeth whitening procedures. Moreover you should avoid using expensive over the counter products and medications that claim to give you whiter teeth.

yellow teeth white teeth
Home remedies are safe, natural and effective way of whitening your teeth at home as you will get instant results for whiter, healthier and beautiful teeth. There are whitening pens, whitening strips, toothpastes and gels that claim to offer you whiter teeth but you should always option for natural remedies as it offers guaranteed results without any kind of side effects. You can use these remedies for your teeth without the need for visiting a dentist and spending a huge amount of money on professional teeth whitening procedures.

The best home remedies to whiten teeth includes the use of lemon juice that has enamel whitening ability as it contains antioxidants that can do wonders for your teeth by making it look whiter. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is also considered to be very effective in whitening your teeth as it is very effective in cleansing the teeth and neutralizing mouth odors. You will need to mix both these ingredients and apply on your teeth for few minutes before rinsing off with water for getting whiter and cleaner teeth.lemons strawberries

Strawberry is also known as a teeth whitener that contains powerful natural acids that is very effective for whitening the teeth while cleaning the tooth enamel. To get the desired results you will need to mash some fresh strawberries and apply on the toothbrush for cleaning your teeth thoroughly. Then you will need to rinse with water and follow up with toothpaste to get whiter and brighter teeth. Table salt is also capable of whitening your teeth as it contains sodium chloride that helps in whitening the tooth enamel. For thus you will need to brush your teeth with table salt after which you need to use your regular toothpaste so that you can get the positive results. The use of these home remedies are completely safe as you can even use these everyday for getting quick results as it will not damage your teeth and its enamel.

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