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Reasons to get a facial reconstruction surgery

facial reconstruction surgery

There are many reasons why an individual would seek facial reconstruction surgery. If you are a victim of serious scarring or facial disfigurement due to injuries or accidents, Professional facial reconstruction surgeon suggests that you undergo facial reconstruction to rebuild your face. Also, perhaps you have been born with a facial disfigurement that has resulted to a negative impact on your health as well as your emotions, then it’s possible to have that face that you have always desired.

People pursue facial reconstruction with their diverse reasons. Some are forced by health circumstances, while others are for cosmetic reasons. Your doctors perform the surgery on your skin, muscles, cartilage or soft tissues to enhance your appearance.

Why would you seek reconstructive surgery for your face? 

facial reconstruction surgeryAccidents

Accidents cause deformities and scarring which can only be rectified by reconstructive surgery. Car wrecks, animal bites, falling, explosions and among others are the reasons why you may seek facial surgery. Sometimes with the extent of the damage, facial reconstruction may not only be meant to repair the damage but also cosmetically reconstruct and shape your skin, tissue and muscles.

Birthmarks and congenital disabilities

Birthmarks or congenital disabilities on your face may force you to seek reconstruction surgery. Perhaps you have skeletal or ear deformities, the defects may cause you both physical and emotional handicaps. A series of surgeries can be conducted to correct defects at births and restore your normal appearance.


Cancer is a common reason why most people need facial surgery. Cancer treatments or cancer itself may cause damages on your face. Although the procedure may not be so essential from a medical perspective, it helps to ease psychological trauma from your treatment.

No matter the reason why you seek facial reconstruction surgery, everyone’s treatment is unique. A skilled and experienced surgeon will not only repair your tissue but also help you to regain valuable confidence and quality life.

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