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Chinese Plastic Surgery Development

The day is approaching, when China becomes one of the world’s largest markets for cosmetic and plastic surgery. The demand for services of this industry is steadily growing.

The Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post reported that, according to a study by Hong Kong’s HSBC Bank, the Chinese plastic surgery will be the member of the TOP3 plastic surgery markets in the world in 2019.

According to statistics from the Chinese Association of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, in 2014, more than 7 million people in the PRC became the patients of surgeons. In most cases, young women corrected their appearance. The total cost of these operations for the year amounted to 400 billion Yuan (approximately 60 billion US dollars). According to existing forecasts, in 2019 this amount will be doubled.

Before 2001, plastic surgery was forbidden in China. Now the country is experiencing a real “boom” in Chinese plastic surgery.

According to surveys, a significant portion of plastic surgeons clients in China are the students, who believe that under conditions of competition increasing on the labor market, the improvement of their appearance will help them to find a good job. Chinese women mainly increase their height and chest size, and also expand their eyes.

chinese plastic surgeryIn China, a woman with big eyes is considered beautiful, looking as European girls. Surgical eye correction section is now available even for children 8-9 years old, who come to the clinic with their caring parents.

20% of Chinese students, which were surveyed by Xinhua News Agency, said that they plan to make plastic operation in the future. And according to 38% of people, which were surveyed by CCTV state television, the plastic surgery can really make a person successful.

60% of the survey participants said that in modern Chinese society, the opinions about others are formed on the base of the human appearance. That’s why Chinese plastic surgery won’t lose its popularity in the nearest future.

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