Invisalign Before After

Invisalign Treatment Before and After

No one likes having crowded or gapping teeth because they make it hard to live a normal life or do simple things like smiling normally. However, the uncertainty that people have with various treatment methods also keeps them from seeking correctional services. This is the one factor that separates Invisalign from other teeth correctional treatments.

Patients who want to see the Invisalign before and after results before committing to treatment need not worry. With Invisalign, one can see exactly how the teeth will look like even before the treatment begins. This makes it possible to decide whether or not to commit time and money to such cure. So how does this work?

Invisalign Aligner
Invisalign Aligner

To begin with, Invisalign treatment is done using aligners that are virtually invisible. They are made with a thermoplastic material that is safe and irritation-free. The aligners are customized to the specific needs of a patient, meaning that different individuals use aligners that are shaped differently.

To determine how treatment will take place, the doctor first maps it out. A series of aligners are then supplied, with each of them intended to make a slight adjustment over a certain period of time. Mostly, each aligner is used for two weeks, before advancing to the next. Do they really work?

Invisalign Before and After Analysis

The type of conditions that Invisalign has successfully corrected since it was developed include overcrowded teeth, cross bite, gapped teeth, and overbite. A 26-year-old woman had her overly crowded teeth corrected using Invisalign over the course of one year. A 56-year-old man who had teeth that were abnormally spaced also got them corrected within nine months. These are cases of real people who can now have a better smile, thanks to the use of Invisalign.

One of the key benefits of using Invisalign include the fact that the alignments are almost invisible. One can also comfortably remove them when eating, drinking, or brushing. You also know exactly what to expect with the virtual results provided by the doctor. You can visit this Dental site if you’re looking for a clinic that can perform high quality Invisalign services.

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