Herbs For Gum Health

Your gums are as essential to your oral health as your teeth. Many patients tend to care for teeth over gums, which jeopardizes the health of the oral cavity. Often, when patients think about oral health, they think about plaque, tartar, and cavities. All efforts are directed to make sure that the teeth are free from staining, and more importantly, cavities. Patients tend to think that getting cavities is the worst are some of the herbs for gum health:

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Myrrh. When a toothache is removed, a little bit of Myrrh pigment is applied to the teeth and reduces the pain in less than a minute. It also cures and strengthens the gums, treats bleeding gums and fights bacteria that cause periodontal disease and tooth decay. I use it daily as a preventive measure.

Neem. Traditionally, the sticks of sperm have been used as a natural toothbrush because of its strong antibacterial properties. Even today, his popularity is restored. Recent research confirms its ability to reduce plaque, prevent cavities and gums from appearing and breathe. You can easily add a powder to the usual toothpaste.

Echinacea. Echinacea is not just a cool herb! It also reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system of gums and helps fight infection in the mouth.

Goldenseal. This herb is particularly useful for treating gums. It is an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory antibiotic.

Oregon root. Antibacterial and astringent, the grape root in Oregon also calms and constricts swollen gums.

Sage. This is another widely spread herb, which is also a natural gripper. Tighten the gums and touch the mouth.

White Oak Bark. This herb calms and reduces swelling on the gums

herbal leafPepper Mint. Of course, there will be no list of herbs for complete dental health without mint! It refreshes your breath and can help whiten your teeth!

For herbs and natural substances contribute to the health of teeth and gums, tighten gingival tissue, promote blood circulation and remove the toothbrush and debris from the mouth.

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