dermatologist microneedling

What is a dermatologist microneedling for?

What is dermatologist micro needling? It is a derma roller or minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that entails the use of small needles to prick the skin. Basically to generate new skin tissue and collagen for a firmer, glowy, more toned and smoother skin. The procedure is also known as collagen induction therapy. To know more about what it can do you can read more at

What Is a Dermatologist Microneedling For?

  • The procedure is used for the treatment of different skin conditions more so when different procedures have failed.
  • The process is used for inducing production of collagen by the skin which in return leads to the creation of new skin tissues.
  • The procedure is used for the creation of a glowy, smooth, even-toned, elastic, and shiny skin.

Dermatologist micro-needling helps in the removal of age spots, large pores, uneven skin tone, acne scars, reduced skin elasticity, and stretch marks.

How safe is the process?

The micro-needling technique is done on the face and is believed to treat different types of scars, large pores, and wrinkles. The process is considered safe for everyone with general good health. Remember, it is invasive therefore requiring no downtime. However, micro needling treatment is not safe for expectant mothers and patients under certain acne medications. Obviously, you will experience minor irritation and redness after the procedure and the condition might last for a few days.

How Convenient is the process?dermatologist microneedling

It might take you only two hours to prepare and go through the procedure. At least four procedures shall be conducted on for best results. The only thing you need to consider is, visit a board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon for the operation. Remember, the overall cost is directly related to the size of the area worked on.

The technique is also applicable in certain anti-aging procedures like sunspots and eyelid surgery. But may not be effective for hair loss.

If you have any skin concern that does not respond to other methods of dermatologic procedures or home treatment, then you can try the micro-needling therapy.

How does micro-needling work?

The procedure works by encouraging more collagen production by your skin. This comes about as the skin responds to the slight injuries caused by pinpricks during the procedure.

What are the targeted areas of micro-needling?

The face, though other body parts can receive the procedure.

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