inclined treadmill to workout your glutes

Treadmill Glute Workout: Extra Contractions

A treadmill glute workout is an excellent way to improve the buttocks. Everyone wants to achieve a toned butt and thighs. The well-shaped buttocks with some treadmill exercise are highly possible. You only have to select the right activities to match your treadmill. Besides that, toning your buttocks and thighs is not the only benefit you can gain from doing these workouts with a treadmill.


Treadmill workouts

These simple steps can make an excellent and well-toned butt.

  1. Before you proceed, you have to warm up first for at least five minutes. Using a treadmill, select a comfortable speed, such as below 3.5 miles per hour. Besides that, the treadmill’s percent incline is zero.
  2. Gradually, start increasing your walking speed between 3.5 up to 5.0 miles per hour. Furthermore, this level will still allow you to keep up with a conversation. Walk or jog slowly for another two to four minutes.
  3. During this time, increase your treadmill’s percent incline between three to four percent. Moreover, you have to try to keep your walking speed as you walk uphill. You can also reduce your rate if you find it difficult to take or breathe.
  4. Adjust the percent incline higher, at least two to three percent more. You can even raise as much as eight to ten percent if you want to challenge your buttocks and thighs. Doing this for two to four minutes is enough.
  5. Afterward, start to lower the incline to make it into a smaller hill, between three to four percent. Do this for another two to four minutes.
  6. Then, continue raising your treadmill’s incline percentage to do a steep hill interval. You will follow it with a smaller hill to target the thighs and glutes. In this case, do this hill interval workout for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  7. Lastly, rest the incline to zero and lower the speed to 3.0mph. Walk slowly for five minutes as you cool down. Do this while gradually decreasing the rate up to the slowest pace of the treadmill.


Contracting your glutes

Treadmill workouts are excellent in targeting these muscles to help get a bigger butt. Our buttocks are consisting three muscles that we should all work out. These muscles are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Inclined treadmill workouts increase the contraction of glutes and hamstrings as your body makes your muscles work harder as you climb. Additionally, if you combine walking or running in the inclination in your treadmill, you’ll get more surprising butt results.

Moreover, in any exercise, you have to wear the right pair of shoes. This way, you can ensure your safety and can prevent injuries. Besides that, if you want to improve your butt and enhance its muscles rather than fats, you have to eat healthy foods.

A healthy diet is not only for your glutes but also for your overall health and wellness. First and foremost, you need to have a healthy body for you to do your workout continuously. But then again, you have to keep in mind to have a day off between your workout sessions.

Your glutes also need sufficient rest to recover from the exercises you did to enhance them. On the other hand, you may watch this video to get some ideas on treadmill exercises for your buttocks.


Bottom line

Not every person has a toned and sexy butt. However, you can still work on it to achieve your dream buttocks. Exercises are available to enhance the natural shape of the butt. Go ahead, set up your personal gym today!

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