lip augmentation

The Beauty of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a medical cosmetic procedure which is done to improve the general look of your lips. The treatment guarantees a youthful appearance and more fuller lips. The procedure can either be done in a surgical or nonsurgical way. You will know more about this cosmetic procedure when you visit this link.

The augmentation process helps in reducing the wrinkles as well as lines in your lips. The treatment is done by using surgical or nonsurgical lip treatment procedures. The lip augmentation procedure involves the fat transfer, a process referred to as fat grafting. It’s done by introducing your body fat in the lips. The method provides a fuller and enhanced lip appearance. Local flap grafting is another surgical procedure; the process makes use of your skin and tissues that are removed from your mouth’s interior flap. The doctors administer the method as the last option.

Synthetic implants such as Alloderm, Softform, Gore-Tex, or soft ePTFE can also be used to enhance your lips beauty. Your lips appearance can also be improved by using nonsurgical treatment methods. This is done by using injectable fillers. The injections may include silicone, collagen injection, restylane, hylaform injection, fibril, cymetra, and dermalogen injections. lip augmentation

Before undergoing a lip augmentation, you need to be in good health condition. The treatment procedure can be done to both men and women of all ages. The treatment is done after the administration of anesthesia. Usually, the treatment procedure takes 1 to 2 hours. However, slight changes might arise on duration depending on how complex or the kind of process utilized. After treatment, minor side effects like redness, inflammation, numbness, or bruising may be experienced. The side effects last for some days.

To get the best lip treatment for a more improved appearance, you need to find a well experienced plastic surgeon. It’s good to seek medical advice from the doctor before taking the treatments. The doctor will help in recommending the best treatment plan to use.

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