periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery for smile restoration

Dental structure can be vulnerable to different infections and accidents which can change the appearance. If you aren’t happy with your dental look, there is always a way out for you and your loved ones. Just like most of the plastic surgeries that are done to correct different conditions in the body, a periodontal plastic surgery will give you a perfect dental look. Periodontal plastic surgery also known as gum grafting is the way to go in order to change your dental appearance and get a perfect smile. Toothsome team explains all about gum grafting surgery and we sum them all up here so read on.

A periodontal plastic surgery is carried out by a periodontist with the aim of correcting periodontal majors on the dental structure, giving you smile again.

What to expect during a periodontal plastic surgery

All the individual components of your dental structures are handled to deliver a final and perfect look and smile. The procedure will address from the teeth size to the gum appearance making them perfectly balanced in the mouth. When you feel your gums are making your teeth shorter by covering them and exposing small part, a periodontal plastic surgery will work best for you. periodontal plastic surgery

Your periodontist will carry out the necessary examinations on your dental structure and find a perfect dental solution for your case. Crown lengthening and the removal of excess gums require the right techniques since any mistake during the process can worsen the condition. The gum lines are perfectly restored through sculpting to make your smile natural and right.

It’s equally possible to reduce the length of your teeth if you feel they are extremely exposed making them look longer. A periodontal plastic surgery can range from a simple procedure to be carried out within minutes to complex ones that will require time and the use of anaesthesia. To make the plastic surgery perfect, it involves a combination of different procedure put together to make your dental appearance perfect.

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