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What Is Considered The Most Attractive Nose Shape?

What makes a nose look beautiful? If we were to define beauty, we would say that it is something that appeals to us. However, this concept remains to be an elusive theme. One of the most common questions that many people continue to ask is, “What makes the most attractive nose shape?”.

While this question is easily answerable by images of what seems ideal, it is best to consider other facial structures. This article will discuss all you need to know about nose shape and how you can reshape your nose with rhinoplasty.



What Makes the Most Attractive Nose Shape?

Our facial structure plays a considerable role in our appearance. Because our nose is the central part of our face, it is the most recognisable feature. Perhaps, its placement is one of the significant reasons it is considered a measurable aspect of beauty.

We often describe the attractiveness of a person’s nose in terms of shape, type, colour, and proportion. Contrary to these traditional ideals and principles, beauty standards continuously change. Today, beauty is more inclusive and expansive than ever. Around the world, we can determine the attractiveness of a person’s nose by looking from different angles. Other than individual judgments, other factors such as cultural differences and media influence our perception of a perfect profile.

In this case, the definition of what makes the most attractive nose shape can be challenging. By all means, experts have also said that social norms are not what qualifies attractiveness. Given that every person looks different, the best nose shape relies on maintaining facial harmony.


Why Are Symmetry and Balanced Proportions Important?

Our nose holds the key in the balance and proportion of our face. While the concept of beauty continuously shifts, one thing remains the same. Most famous as The Golden Ratio, this theory describes attractiveness by following patterns. This idea dates back to Ancient Greece, and humans continue to use it on many occasions, including art, architecture, and sciences.

In cosmetics, facial symmetry is also a common subject. Surgeons have adopted the concept of the golden ratio in practice. To address balance in plastic surgery, they look at proportion as “facial thirds”. This method involves invisibly dividing your face into three different parts. First is the upper portion from your forehead to your eyebrows. The second is the middle part starting from your eyebrows extending to the nose, and lastly, the third part from your nose down to your chin.

Before proceeding with plastic surgery, surgeons carefully plan out the nose job by following the rules of facial thirds. It helps assure patients that they will achieve the perfect proportion that fits their appearance.


What Type of Nose Shape Do You Have?

Every person has a different type of nose. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from narrow to wide, long to short, or upturned to crooked. Knowing every kind of nose is one thing, but determining yours is another. Depending on your nostril size, nasal bone shape, and cartilages, you can identify which type you have.

Here are the most common nose types that can help you redefine your nose shape.


Straight Nose

Most commonly referred to as “the Greek nose”, this nose shape is a much sought-after type of nose. The straight nose is undeniably attractive because of its well-defined and remarkably structured bridge. It is free from any curvature and humps that provides a classy look to any individual who has it. A straight nose also features narrow nostrils, which is a common demand by many.


Aquiline Nose

If your nose has a prominent bridge that gives off a slightly curvy appearance, perhaps you have what they call a “Roman nose”. Roman noses are a bit bent that is comparable to eagles, thus signifies nobility and beauty in early European times.


Bulbous Nose

kinds of nose structureThe appearance of a sizeable ball-like structure on the lower half of the nose is what defines a bulbous nose. This type is more common in men, in which its characteristic shape seems to look as if it is swelling. Sometimes, a bulbous nose is a result of an abnormal formation of the nasal cartilage. However, genetics can also be a significant reason why a person has one.


Nubian Nose

A Nubian nose is when there is a combination of a long nose and a broader base. Often, this type of nose is present in people of ethnic lineages and African descent. Most commonly, people with a Nubian nose can narrow their nostrils to achieve a more refined base.


Fleshy Nose

According to experts, a fleshy nose is the most common type for both genders. It features a combination of weak cartilages and a fleshy downturned nose tip. Its large protruding shape further defines it. In colloquial terms, many people refer to it as the “Einstein” type of nose.


Snub Nose

Snub noses are slightly upturned, small, and stubby in appearance. As its name suggests, a snub nose cleanly resembles a snubbed-nose revolver. Sometimes, it is confused with a different nose shape called the celestial nose.


Hawk Nose

If you can compare your nose to the curved beak of a hawk, then you have a hawk nose. It characterises a protruding bridge that dramatically arches toward the middle. Unfortunately, many people with hawk nose develop breathing problems. Because the central area of the bridge pops out, its bone and cartilage structure can stand in the way of the air.


Upturned Nose

Commonly known as “celestial nose”, this type of nose shape is considered one of the most attractive than the rest. Its celestial name comes from its angelic resemblance, with the apex standing out like a button. An upturned nose appears small with a slight dent along the nose bridge and a protruding tip towards its end.


Do I Need A Nose Job?

Some people are born with a correctly-proportioned nose, whereas others are not. If you happen to be a part of the latter, you don’t have to worry about living through it. As a matter of fact, there are many ways that you could do to improve your nose shape. You can opt for a nose job and plastic surgery to enhance your appearance.

When it comes to deciding whether you’ll get a nose job or not, there are no wrong answers. What mostly matters is what you feel is right for you. If your current nose shape gets in the way of your self-esteem and confidence, then considering a nose job is highly acceptable.


What Can A Nose Job Do to My Nose Shape?

Above all, the biggest challenge for cosmetic surgeons is to determine what their patients want from their plastic surgery. A nose job is a complex process and requires special attention before taking it into action. Even with the slightest change, a nose job can improve the overall structure of your face.

If you want to make the most out of your nose job, it is best to discuss what you want to achieve. Your surgeon will help you visualise these characteristics and features and provide nose shape options that will suit your facial structure.


Nose Width

If you want your nose to be thinner, you can opt for a structural rhinoplasty. This treatment involves sectioning of cartilages and bones that will narrow your nose width.


Nasal Tip

Many people want to achieve a pointy nose that projects upward. A nose job can help minimise the thickness of your nasal skin to get a more prominent nose shape.


Bumps and Humps

rhinoplasty for nose shapeSome people are born with bumps on their nose, often referred to as a dorsal hump. Through the use of dermal fillers and injections, you can temporarily improve and straighten your nasal structure. However, you can resolve and correct nose bumps by completely removing the dorsal hump through plastic surgery.


Nostril Size

Our nostrils play an essential role in maintaining form and function. While nostrils process air into the lungs, their structure affects the aesthetic appearance of the nose. If you opt for a smaller nostril, an alar base-reduction nose job may help.


Philtrum Angle

Recent studies have revealed that rhinoplasty does not only affect the look of your nose but the upper lip as well. The space between the tip of your nose and the upper lip is what most people call the philtrum. Defining your nose shape can improve your philtrum angle, making it more feminine or masculine, depending on your desires.



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