lip augmentation fat transfer

Lip Augmentation Fat Transfer

For those of us who struggle with the fact hat we were not born with a plump pout, with all of the products out there promising instant results, what’s a girl to do? Among the best, easiest and most natural options is a lip augmentation fat transfer. This simple procedure is a good long term solution as lip augmentation fat transfers last 3 times longer than lip augmentation with injections bacause they transfer the fat that occurs naturally in your body into your pucker with little or no downtime and instantaneous results.

After consulting a qualified surgical professional. Fat transfer lip augementations are easily performed, easy to heal from and leave minimal or no scarrring. The look is entirely natural and your body is more likely to accept the autologous (from your body) fat transfer than it is to accept chemical fillers. The risk of allerrgic reaction is far less and the chances of a permantly improved pucker is increased when naturally occuring fillers are used to transfer fat to your lips.

Typically, under local anesthesia, your surgeon will make a small incision into the site from which the fat is to be drawn. Any fatty area on your body, your stomach, thighs, buttocks, or even from the back of your arm can produce the necessary fat content to fill your lips. lip augmentation fat transfer

The procedure usually requires one consultation to establish what your goal is with your cosmetic surgeon, and then you will schedule your procedure. Lip augmentations are an easy procedure and performed thousands of times daily, so as long as you are working with a qualified professional, the risks are minimal.

Fat transfer lip augmentations are minimally invasive. A small incision is made into the area from which fat is to be gathered, a syringe is inserted, and the fat is withdrawn leaving little, if any, scarring. The fat is then transfered into the areas of your lips which require volume. There may be slight bruising and some, swelling, but it is nothing an ice pack won’t alleviate. It really is that simple.

A fat transfer lip augmentation is an economical, long lasting solution which offers both the benefits of using your body’s natural fat with the long term effects of plumping up your pout. Schedule a consultation now and get ready to blow a big kiss!

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