general dentistry services

What are the general dentistry services?

What are general dentistry services? These are the procedures that are performed by a general dentist. This article will talk about what services a patient can get from a general dentist. If you need any general dental work done, you can check out this web page for more information.


General dentistry services

General dentists make up around 80% of the total population of dental specialists in the profession. They provide many services that contribute to the maintenance of a person’s overall oral health.


Restorative procedures. These services revolve around the procedures done to repair teeth. It is part of a dentist’s job to seek out and find oral health issues and administer prompt treatment for these issues. The most common type of restorative procedure is having a dentist fill in a cavity to prevent tooth decay from occurring. Patients can also have restorative treatments done when there is trauma to the tooth, such as if a tooth was knocked out, or if it was loosened. General dentistry services also include the diagnosis and treatment of various gum diseases.


Preventive procedures. General dentists help patients maintain good oral health and make sure that there are no potential oral problems that develop. These types of procedures include dental exams, x-rays and other methods to prevent any oral issues from developing. General dentists can also advise on proper oral hygiene techniques to patients who need it.


Cosmetic procedures. General dentistry services also include cosmetic procedures to make teeth look their best. These procedures will include teeth whitening procedures, veneers and if you are going for an overall makeover for your smile, you can get the appropriately named “smile makeover”.general dentistry services


Overall oral health concerns. There is a saying that tells us that oral health is a mirror of overall health. People who have healthy mouths would most likely have good overall health as well. Many untreated oral issues may lead to more serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and also complications during pregnancy. General dentists have a trained eye and can spot these oral problems that can worsen over time, and they will often recommend the necessary treatment to make sure that these problems are treated while they are not yet too serious.


When should I see another specialist?

Your dentist at Gordon Family Dental will advise you if you need to have further treatment from another specialist. General dentistry services will be good enough to diagnose and treat oral health issues, and these dentists are trained to be able to spot any oral health issues and administer treatment for these issues.

Visiting a general dentist at least twice a year is good enough to maintain good oral health, but then your dentist in Preston at Chic Dental clinic might recommend that you go more often if they are trying to monitor and cure a certain oral health issue you have. Brushing and flossing will also help you maintain good teeth and gums. If you think you need general dentistry services, visit your Double Bay dentist at Bay Dental Studio clinic today and see how they can help you reach optimal oral health. 

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