gained weight after liposuction

Gained weight after liposuction? Here is why.

Some patients who have undergone liposuction have still complained that they gained weight after liposuction. This article will focus on a better understanding of what liposuction does for the body and how to maintain your weight after the procedure. For more information about liposuction, you can read


What is liposuction and how does it work?

This is a type of cosmetic surgery that works to safely break up the fat and remove it from the body. Liposuction surgery can also be called lipoplasty, or simply “lipo” for short. This surgery is often used in places where it may be difficult for people to lose fat. It can be used on the arms, thighs, neck, chin, and back, although the most popular part of the body where patients use liposuction is on the abdomen. 


In many cases, liposuction can be paired with other cosmetic surgeries like tummy tuck procedures, to help the surgeon reach the desired outcome. Liposuction is performed using a high-powered vacuum machine that is connected to a hollow instrument called a cannula. The cannula is inserted beneath the skin and the fat is sucked out using the vacuum. The procedure aims to eradicate all the fat cells in the area. However, the procedure cannot remove cellulite, stretch marks, and other issues. Also, liposuction is not meant to be a permanent solution for obesity.

gained weight after liposuction

Can you gain fat back after liposuction?

Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that it is still possible for a person to gain back the fat they lost. People who gained weight after liposuction wondered why. The fact is that if a person does not lead a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, there is a likelihood that the fat will come back. Even if the fat cells will be removed, they may still grow back if you do not exercise and follow the proper diet.


How to keep the fat off

If you had just had a liposuction treatment, you have to make sure that you do the necessary steps for you to keep the weight off. 


Exercise. The good news is that exercise is one of the easiest ways to keep the fat off after your liposuction surgery. Doing the cardio exercise for one to two hours a day should be enough to prevent any unwanted weight gain after the procedure.


Diet. Having a balanced diet is an effective way to keep fat away. Experts say that having a healthy diet is an equally important step. Coupling a good diet with exercise will surely keep the effects of your liposuction lasting longer.


Are you considering liposuction surgery?

If you are looking for a way to get rid of the fat in various parts of your body, you may consider liposuction treatment. However, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before going through with the surgery. Your doctor will be able to advise you about the risks and the benefits of the treatment. They will be able to help you reach the best and most informed decision about the procedure.

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