periodontal plastic surgery

Enjoy Healthy Dentures With Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Are you battling a severe gum infection? Do you feel acute pain while chewing? In case the answers are yes, your dentures need urgent attention. If left untreated, such gum infection or disease could magnify leading to major issues. The good news is you may avoid such undesirable episode through periodontal plastic surgery. To know about the various periodontal plastic surgery procedures, visit for more info. Meanwhile,  let’s find out all about periodontal plastic surgery in a nutshell.

Who’s an ideal candidate for the surgery?

Folks with severe diseases around gums and tissues that support the dentures are ideal candidates for the surgery. If you’re hit by a gum disease, you might observe swollen, red, or bleeding gums. Bad breath, loose teeth, and deep pockets formed between your teeth and gums are other factors that signify you should schedule an appointment with a periodontal plastic surgeon.

Before for the surgery

A few weeks before the procedure, your surgeon will ask you to stop taking particular medications such as aspirin, pain relievers, and blood thinners. You’ll be asked to stay clear of drinking or smoking at least a day before the surgery. Additionally, the doctor may give you an antibiotic to minimize the chances of any infection during the surgery.

Procedures  periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal surgery procedures are varied. Some of the popular ones include flap surgery, bone grafting, soft tissue grafts, and guided tissue regeneration. However, in most cases, gum tissue is grafted to fix the problem.

Depending on your situation, your doctor will administer a particular procedure. Once the procedure is over, you’ll be required to take up follow-up medications and visit the doctor for a while till the treatment is complete.

Benefits of periodontal surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery can help you eliminate serious periodontal diseases, usually found in gums and tissues that support the dentures. This procedure could remove bacteria underneath your gums and reshape the bones supporting your teeth. It can also avoid future gum damage and makes easier to clean your dentures.

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