What Is Ear Plastic Surgery Benefits Of Otoplasty

What Is Ear Plastic Surgery? (Benefits Of Otoplasty)

The eyes, nose, throat, and ears are some of the facial body parts that can emphasize a person’s beauty. However, many people are not happy with the way they look. Some women go for breast augmentation, while other men look for body sculpting. Surgery may be performed with qualifications before having a treatment. Moreover, board-certified surgeons can also provide different ways to make a person feel beautiful and confident. You may also click here for more topics related to plastic or cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance. Discover what patients may benefit from receiving this ear plastic surgery service from a local cosmetic surgery clinic.


What Is Otoplasty?

A prominent fold may also cause social anxiety for both children and adults. Various deformities in the ear include large earlobes, non symmetrical ears, protrusion, and even extra skin. If your protruding ears are bothering you, you may want to find the nearest plastic surgery for correction. Otoplasty has both surgical and noninvasive procedures to correct the pinna, external cartilage of the ear, and reconstruct damaged ears. Children are advised to have the operation to prevent risks like cuts, infection, and bleeding at an early age. Most surgeons say that Otoplasty risks are rare. Furthermore, it may be best to prepare by asking for essential preparation questions from your initial consultation.


What Are The Benefits Of Ear Plastic Surgery?

Indeed, there are many benefits that a person may think of when it comes to enhancing the body. Of course, there is still the possibility of having risks. Yet, if you are in the hands of an experienced and well-trained surgeon, you’ll not worry about the results. Are you hoping to get an ear surgery soon? You may want to expect yourself to get these perfect results from a certified ENT surgeon or an otoplasty specialist. 


Corrects Congenital Deformities 

Ear Plastic Surgery Checkup

The medical history of a child’s parents can cause ears to protrude and become unpleasing for many patients. According to science, people can inherit genes that affect their eye color, ear shape, nose, height, and hair color. Hence, if a parent or a grandparent has an unsymmetrical ear shape, the child inherits this gene. Congenital deformities are among the common reasons why most kids and adults consult an otoplasty specialist for a professionally performed treatment.


Corrects Ear Position 

Aside from the medical aspect of ear surgery, correcting ear position involves ear pinning. Protruding ears are one of the common reasons why patients may undergo ear plastic surgery. A patient can achieve natural symmetry by undergoing ear pinning, reduction, or other cosmetic reconstructions


Increases Self Confidence

Self-confidence and issues on mental health don’t revolve solely on mental incapability. Anxiety and depression may take place on people who feel inferior about their appearance and facial aesthetics. Children who may face bullying or loss of confidence due to their ear shape may also take ear plastic surgery from an ENT plastic surgeon. However, doctors suggest that the child’s age should be around five years or older to have enough stable cartilage for correction.


Treats Medical Causes That Limit Ear Function

Medically related concerns for treating ears are mostly related to car accidents, injuries, or congenital deformities. Most of these issues may result in loss of hearing, ear bleeding, or other concerns. You may have to look for hospitals and clinics with emergency surgeons that can perform ear surgery. 


What Should Patients Expect Before And During Ear Plastic Surgery?

Before having your scheduled appointment, it is vital to bring necessary documents like insurance and medical records. You may expect to have a rundown on what will happen in your treatment. The procedure begins in comparing photos of the patient’s skin and cartilage. Afterward, reshaping to remove and improve ear position by making an incision behind the ear. Today, ear surgery is guided by either digital cameras or through other doctors and surgeons. You can expect to have general anesthesia to decrease or numb the pain. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reminds patients not to take alcohol, skip smoking, or avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs as it can increase bleeding problems. 


Does A Health Insurance Cover Ear Plastic Surgery?

Child Ear Plastic Surgery

The average cost of cosmetic ear surgery, according to ASPS, is $3,156. Ultimately, the central question of many patients of plastic ear surgery or Otoplasty is the overage of medical insurance. It may depend on your health insurance company or partner if the operation falls under the medical or cosmetic aspect of surgical procedures. Moreover, you may also expect to pay out of pocket expenses for additional requirements such as prescription medicine, anesthesia (sedation), and consultation fee. Don’t forget to consult your trusted health care insurance company to know if your treatment has insurance coverage.


Tips For Fast Recovery After An Otoplasty 

Want some preview for tips on your proper healing? Here are some tips for recovery after your otoplasty. You may ask the proper guidelines from your surgeon after the successful operation. 

  • Be careful not to touch your ears
  • Drink the prescription medicine as advised
  • Avoid bacterial infection
  • Parents must choose which clothes their child can wear
  • Follow the postoperative instructions from the surgery team

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