Does Orthodontics Treat Dental Malocclusion

Do Orthodontics Treat Dental Malocclusion? (Re-Align Your Mouth)

Memories of having imperfect teeth as a child can be a horrible thought for many people. Crooked and misaligned teeth may call for a total makeover as an adult. How does malocclusion affect the face appearance? It can be a significant impact on people concerned about their mouth’s alignment. As a result, people may opt for cosmetic dental surgery as soon as they can. Many adults today feel better since they were able to start their orthodontic treatment as early as possible. What are the other essential aspects of teeth restoration? If you want to read more about dental malocclusion, ask your dentist about its effects on oral health. You can also go to My Local Dentists’ Northbridge clinic if you need orthodontic treatments.

What Is A Dental Malocclusion?

Dental malocclusion is simply a term for misaligned upper and lower jawbones in the mouth. Some people may experience malocclusion as cognitive impairment. However, accidents or sports injuries can also cause dental malocclusion. Furthermore, babies and infants who have bad habits such as sucking their fingers or pacifiers even at night can also be a problem. Serious results, such as difficulty in biting, eating, and even breathing, may happen to people with dental misalignments. If you feel pain, swelling, or other symptoms of teeth misalignment, schedule an appointment with a dental health care professional. 

4 Health Problems with Oral Malocclusion

Since malocclusion is more of an anatomy problem, it may have to get an immediate doctor’s attention. However, a patient should still mind his or her dental hygiene. Neglecting dental care can even make dental diseases worse. Since misaligned teeth may hide cavities or plaque, it is best to floss and rinse with mouthwash regularly. Here are some of the other dental health problems with misaligned teeth. 

Snoring or Sleep Apnea

Most dentists say that people with sleep apnea have x-ray results that show jaw misalignment. Children are commonly seen with upper jawbone concerns that need consecutive treatments. However, adults may also experience snoring problems due to nasal congestions, deviated septum, and jawbone issues. Dental appliances such as mouthguards or using a CPAP machine can help manage a person’s breathing at night. 


Alongside sleep apnea, bruxism or teeth grinding is another common problem of people with malocclusion. The cause of bruxism may vary, but many dental care professionals point out that gums may feel pain due to crowded teeth.  

Painful Neck and Jaw

One painful health issue of a dental malocclusion is TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. When it comes to this point, you will experience aching neck, jawbones, and even your gums in the mouth. Dentists prefer the patient to do some physical therapy instead of helping correct the misalignment. However, for unsuccessful cases, surgery is the last resort to cure this problem. 

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) 

One of the severe cases of dental malocclusion is dry mouth or xerostomia. When jawbones are misaligned, it can have higher risks of opening the mouth while sleeping. Bacteria can form rapidly and may cause pus, holes, and bleeding in the gums. 

How Do Dentists Treat Teeth Misalignment?

Dental Malocclusion 4 Issues Of Misaligned TeethGenerally, mild malocclusion may get orthodontic appliances such as braces or retainers for correction. These dental appliances may straighten teeth and improve a person’s bite. Most parents consider having their child’s teeth fixed as early as they can. The treatment may involve teeth extraction such as baby tooth or permanent teeth if the child is in its pre-teen stage. However, adults may also get an orthodontic treatment even in latter ages. After the braces method, a patient may have to use retainers to stop the teeth from naturally moving. All dental care techniques differ depending on the patient’s crowded teeth. 

Check Which Dentist Is Right For You

Do you know where to go right after knowing these crucial facts? Many dental clinics have different specializations for treating teeth misalignment. You may go for a cosmetic dental surgeon to have a more aesthetic procedure. However, orthodontic treatment is mostly medical, prosthodontists or orthodontists are what you need. Find a dental clinic and doctor that is right for you.

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