dental implant vs crown

Dental Implant vs Crown

Teeth get ruined with time. You and your dentist might struggle to save every tooth, but the reality is there is only so much you can do. If the time comes when you’d have to say goodbye to a tooth, or more,  it is time to consider the next step. You and your dentist have to decide and go down to the question of dental implant vs crown. Below are the comparative facts of dental implants vs crown from

Dental implants are permanent replacements for your lost teeth. Made out of titanium they do not decay. They become a direct part of your jaw. They don’t move or make noises. You also clean them the way you clean your own, natural teeth. Statistics are in favor of dental implants. Over the years dental implants are sure to save you money. They can last over 20 years. But the dental procedure also needs more time. Your jaw will need more time to heal as well.

Dental crowns are another way to restore your tooth. Mostly made dental implant vs crownout of porcelain, they act as a replacement for your own teeth. They are usually used if a tooth has been destroyed by decay or suffered other types of damage, such as being chipped or broken. Replacing a series of lost teeth they give your jaw much-needed stability. The jaw forms and reshapes throughout our lives and a dental structure will help keep the teeth in pace. Crowns wear out with time. They are also more likely to damage surrounding teeth.


Not everyone can get one or the other treatment. Patients with diabetes are unlikely candidates for dental implants. Smokers are also on the list of those whose chances of a successful dental implant procedure are less likely.

Be sure to have a detailed discussion with your dentist before you decide which procedure is for you. Weigh every pro and con of both and make a wise decision. Beyond Infinity Dental’s clinic in Castle Hill can provide you the best dental services. Check out this link to learn more.

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