dental crown vs veneer

Dental crown vs veneer, which works?

Dental crown vs veneer, which type of dental treatment would benefit you the most? This article will focus on how both types of procedures work. You can also visit this link if you need more information on other cosmetic dental services. You can go to Casey Dentists’ in Townsville, QLD if you want to learn more about these procedures.


Dental crown vs veneer

Both dental crowns and dental veneers work to restore the beauty and function of teeth. They are similar in a way that they restore the teeth and make them healthy again, but they are used in slightly different ways, and they both have their pros and cons.


Dental veneers. A dental veneer is used to restore a tooth that was chipped or broken. It can also be used if the tooth has an odd shape or size, to make it more aesthetically appealing. The dentist will need to grind a little bit of the enamel of the patient’s tooth away for the veneer to fit on the front. However, enough enamel has to remain on the tooth to make sure that the veneer adheres to the crown vs veneer


Dental crowns. This procedure is a little bit more invasive than a dental veneer because the dentist needs to carve the tooth and make it shaped in such a way that the dental crown can fit over it. This procedure is done when teeth have more damage and when the teeth will not benefit from a dental veneer anymore. 


What is the difference between a veneer and a crown?

A dental veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is used to cover the front part of the tooth, while a dental crown is put on top of a tooth that has been ground down to a small stump. The main difference between a dental veneer and crown is how they work to repair the teeth. A dental veneer only covers the front part of the tooth, while a crown covers the entire tooth.


How do you know which one is right for you?

Your dentist will usually be the one to recommend which type of treatment will work best for what you need. However, you can usually be able to gauge from the damage to your tooth which procedure you will need, whether that be a crown or veneer. 


If your tooth has a large crack, or if you will be needed other types of procedures, such as a root canal, then a crown will be more beneficial for you. However, if you only need the procedure for restoration procedures, and if there is only minimal damage to the tooth, then you will be better off with a dental veneer.


One thing you need to consider is the price. Since these procedures are considered to be cosmetic, in most cases, they will not be covered by dental insurance. The best thing for you to do is to ask your dentist about the price and which procedure will benefit you more. Also, it is a good idea to verify with your dental insurance provider about which procedures are covered and which ones are not. Maroondah Dental Care’s clinic located in Croydon, VIC offers these procedures. Check out their site to learn more.

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