Can You Achieve A Brazilian Butt Lift Through NonSurgical Methods

Can You Achieve A Brazilian Butt Lift Through Non-Surgical Methods?

How do celebrities achieve the perfect butt shape? Injectable butt lifts are the craze for people that want a toned, curved, and volumized buttocks. People desire a quick and easy way to manage droopy, flat buttocks despite being healthy. 

On the other hand, you can enhance your buttocks’ shape by trying elliptical cross trainers for your daily fitness routine. Some people want to avoid going under the needle and prefer exercises to achieve a Brazilian butt lift. If you are interested in shaping your bottom and making it firm, here are some of the suggestions you can start today. 


Why Do People Want A Perfect Butt?

Both your skeletal formation and how your body stores fat influences the shape of your butt. You can also blame your genetics for the curves that gluteus maximus, or the muscle forms at the bottom end of your body. 

Patients who undergo plastic surgery like butt lifts always mention that their beauty standard lies in having a big butt. Many influences in social media encourage young women to get a Brazilian butt lift

Apart from wanting a beautiful rear end, individuals who wish to a curved bottom can also benefit from increased muscles in the glutes. Increasing your glute muscles can support your pelvis, hamstring, thighs, and calf muscles.  


How Do Surgeons Perform A Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a fat grafting (fat transfer) procedure for buttock augmentation without dermal implants. Most surgeons use extra fat in the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs through liposuction. Before starting the Brazilian butt lift, local anesthesia like Lidocaine is applied through the areas for liposuction. 

The fat transfer process can take up to 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the patient’s body, health, and overall condition. It is vital for patients to prepare for the buttock augmentation to recover quickly. Furthermore, expect to have at least 6 to 8 weeks of not sitting directly where the specialist performed the procedure. 


Benefits Of A Brazilian Butt Lift:

Brazilian Butt Lift

Nowadays, a surgical procedure that augments the body is affordable through various options. Since 2012, people want enhancement in their booty to improve their beachbody. Despite its name, the Brazilian butt lift didn’t come from Brazil. Nevertheless, this non-Brazil procedure can harvest excess cells in your butt area for several reasons. 

A butt lift can be the source of confidence for most patients that undergo this treatment. That said, there are many advantages of receiving a Brazilian butt lift from a plastic surgery expert. Here are benefits that may help you decide to see a surgeon after a few days. 

  • Improves body proportions
  • Address sagging and shapelessness 
  • Natural-looking butt lift
  • Quick results after a few sessions
  • Cellulite is less visible
  • Lower risk of infection compared to silicone buttock augmentation


Cost Of A Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift soon, the cost for the surgery on average is $8000 or more. However, dermal fillers like Sculptra starts from $1000 and can jump to $5000 until $7000. Cosmetic procedures don’t have health insurance coverage. So, if you want to begin firming your butt anytime soon, save up for your next plastic surgery session. 


Which Nonsurgical Methods Enhance The Buttocks?

What causes your butt to sag? According to science, gravity, weight changes, and aging can make it look less shapely. A patient can even travel to Miami, Brazil, or even South Korea for a surgery procedure. 

On the contrary, are you afraid of a plastic surgery practice? If yes, then you may want to look for an alternative in buttock augmentation. Nonsurgical methods may have fewer side effects than receiving a Brazilian butt lift. 

Ready for more details? Here are other examples that you can ask your local cosmetic clinic to reduce that fat soon.


Dermal Fillers

Injecting fillers in your butt is nonsurgical. Hence, many plastic surgery specialists offer dermal fillers for a butt lift. Popular brands like Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid that contours the skin underneath the butt. This PLL acid helps reduce wrinkles, lines and bring fullness to facial folds. Moreover, dermal fillers can also fill in chest, chin, elbow, and knee wrinkles. The injectables experience leaves a good impression on new patients who want a noninvasive way of curving their buttocks.  


Radiofrequency Butt Lift

Another method that uses technology, radiofrequency (RF) butt lift, tightens skin through stimulating collagen with radiofrequency waves. The RF butt lift heats the cells in your buttocks to penetrate deep and superficial tissues in the skin. The results are immediate compared to Brazilian butt lift or Sculptra. 


High-Intensity Electromagnetic Energy 

Thermal fat reduction produces side – effects in the skin such as bulging. With this matter, researchers came up with a nonthermal technology that affects the tissue through an electromagnetic field. The technology stimulates muscle contractions in the abs to burn fat. According to a study, high-intensity electromagnetic energy has a competitive advantage in noninvasive fat reduction methods. 


Exercises, Workouts, Fitness Routines

Brazilian Butt Lift Workouts

Ultimately, a healthy method to experience butt lift is through various butt lift workouts. According to gym experts, enhancing the glute muscle is achievable through exercises like bodyweight squats, deadlifts, and step-ups. A workout on your cardio, including HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and running, may strengthen your Glutenous Maximus. Make sure you monitor your time for each exercise.

Furthermore, workouts that involve your butt also improves posture, stability, and balance. Of course, don’t forget the nutritional aspect of burning body fat and calories. Have a balanced nutrient distribution in your carbohydrates, protein, and fats. 


Downside Of A Brazilian Butt Lift

Just like any cosmetic enhancements, there are still possibilities of having risks from buttock augmentation. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) may develop into scarring, lumps under the skin, or even a skin infection. People should be aware of postoperative pain from a Brazilian butt lift that may be remedied through OTC pain killers. 

Despite these disadvantages, it is recommended to ask your local cosmetic doctor what to expect. Your questions can also determine if your preferred clinic is credible and has more excellent knowledge in a Brazilian butt lift. 

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