blepharoplasty before and after

Blepharoplasty (Before And After Results)

Blepharoplasty before and after pictures can leave a patient astonished at how different they look. What is this type of surgery, and how can it help a person look more aesthetically appealing? This article will talk about blepharoplasty surgery and its benefits. If you need a consultation an eye specialist can help you.

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelift surgery, is meant to remove excess skin and bagginess from the eyelids. These loose skin cause the person to look older and are unsightly. They can also make the person feel self-conscious. This is the reason why people who have large eye bags opt to have this type of surgery done.

The need for the surgery

Most often, this surgery is done for cosmetic reasons, but there are other reasons why people have an eyelift done. It can also be done on older people who have eyelids that sag over their eyes, obstruction their vision. A blepharoplasty procedure can help with these types of vision problems and also make the patient look younger.

Are there risks involved?

As with any surgery, there are a few risks that accompany the procedure.

Trouble closing their eyes

Since part of the eyelids was surgically removed, the person may have a difficult time closing their eyes, at least for the first few days following the surgery. This complication should go away after a few days, and after the eyelids adjust.


There is a chance that visible scars will be present in the site of operation. The patient can expect these scars to lighten over time, but not all will heal the way patients expect. This may cause the patient to be dissatisfied with the final result of the surgery.

Dry eyesblepharoplasty before and after

After the operation, the patient may experience having dry eyes. Eye drops may be prescribed by the doctor to help the patient cope with this.

Infection and bleeding problems

If the patient is not careful after the surgery, there is a chance of infection and bleeding. The doctor will give a list of dos and don’ts that the patient has to adhere to after surgery. Infection and bleeding can be avoided if the patient follows these instructions.

Blepharoplasty, before and after

If a patient is experiencing obstruction of vision, droopy eyelids or has excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, they will be surprised to see how they look after these problems are corrected. Satisfied patients say that they can look up to 10 years younger after the surgery. People with sagging eyelids that blocked their vision say that they see things more clearly and can focus their vision on objects that are far away.

Are you thinking about getting a blepharoplasty surgery?

If you have bags under your eyes, you may want to consider this type of procedure. You will look younger and more refreshed after the surgery is finished. If you have hesitations and apprehensions about this type of surgery, talk to your doctor.


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