plastic surgery instruments

An Overview of Plastic Surgery Instruments

With innovative advancement in the field of medicine and surgery, new dimensions have been added into the field of surgical instruments as well. Particularly the plastic surgery instruments that have made a remarkable expansion in terms of quality and effectiveness. It has become essential for the practitioners and paramedics of plastic surgery to keep them abreast with the newly inducted instruments and consistenly do medical equipment maintenance for their effective use during the treatments and surgeries of their field.

Plastic surgery is based on years of research and a complicated practical experience of the plastic surgeons. Here it is pertinent to mention that every instrument used in plastic surgery, regardless of its era has its own significance because of diverse usage especially in complex surgeries.

The use of plastic surgery instruments has always been crucially important in all types of plastic surgery whether done under a medical compulsion or an opted plastic surgery for aesthetic uplift or pleasant look.

Among the most commonly used instruments; plastic surgery instruments
• Scalpel is widely used. It looks like an extraordinarily sharp knife available in different sizes and shapes. The modern scalpel is used for cutting and sealing at the same time.
• Skin expander is another commonly used instrument which helps in starching the skin pieces as per requirement.
• Forceps is another instrument used for delicate dressing of tissues.

Along with conventional plastic surgery instruments; there are many contemporary instruments used in male and female plastic surgery. In female procedures instruments like breast dissectors, markers, breast reduction compression devices, breast surgery cleaning tools and breast retractors are commonly used whereas, in male surgeries rhytidectomy instruments are used for facelift, rhinoplasty instruments are used for nose reshaping, the blepharoplasty instruments are used for eyelid surgery.

Since the field of plastic surgery is reaching its soaring heights; knowing about and using state-of-the-art plastic surgery instruments have become paramount for successful and flawless plastic surgery procedures.

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