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Nose Plastic Surgery Cost

In medical term, nose plastic surgery is called Rhinoplasty, and it’s performed by the qualified surgeon. Altering the size and shape of your nose can virtually change the appearance of your entire facial features. There’re two types of Rhinoplasty, the open and closed procedure. In open nose surgery, the surgeon will make an incision on the outside revealing fully the structures of the nose. In the closed technique, the incision is made on the inside of the nose.

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The price for rhinoplasty varies on a few factors. Overall the extent of your surgery is going to determine the most how expensive it is going to be.There’re many other factors that will determine the price of your plastic surgery as well. The factors that will influence how much your surgery is going to cost you are the price of your surgeon, the location of your surgery, and how much work is going to be done.

nose plastic surgeryUsually, the average cost for nose surgery is around $2000- $8000 depending on the surgeon’s professional fee, anesthesiologist fee, and the facility fee. You also need to keep in mind the possible complications from the surgery. Although it’s rare, you might develop infections, experience the side effects of anesthesia or bleeding can arise during the early recovery phase. This amount is fairly expensive and all plastic surgery generally costs this much. This is why it’s important to know what you really want in your surgery.

So, who would make the best candidates for this procedure? They are the people who seek to enhance their appearance. Those who are physically and psychologically fit, which means that they have realistic expectations of the surgery’s outcome. Having a realistic expectation is essential in achieving your ideal nose size. Your surgeon cannot just give you the nose of your favorite movie star since you have different nose anatomical structure.

It would be a long road to recovery after a nose reconstruction procedure. On the first few days, the nose is puffy, bruised and minimal bleeding is expected. However, it will diminish after a few weeks; minor swelling will last for months.

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