natural breast implants

Facts to know about natural breast implants

The advancement in technology has made it possible to choose the shape and size of your best just as you can do it for your shoes and dress. With the help of natural breast implants, you can walk into Gold Coast area specialist’s office and chose the size of your breast that you want to have.

This natural implant sound more natural just as the name suggest as the balancing is done within the body. The procedure is different from other implants and ways of lifting the breasts since fat is harvested from one or more part of the body and taken to boost the breast. It’s done to give shape to the breast and add volume which will finally add to the self-esteem of every woman who undergoes the same.

The general look of the breast is harmonized with the body to give you a perfect shape. You must work with fully qualified professionals when undergoing breast implants as an error that happens in the process may put the body into great risk. The harvesting can be done from 2 or 3 different parts of the body depending on the amount of fat needed to get enough fat that will work perfectly for the implant process.

natural breast implantsBefore the fat is used in the breast, it’s first processed to clear all the fluid that may be excess and any broken fat removed to make sure it’s safe for a breast implant. The remaining fat is inserted into the breast using blunt cannula which is smaller in size. After the process, you are likely to experience some level of discomfort for some days before normalcy is restored in the breast.

During the healing period, the breasts must be controlled using compression garment which will keep them in perfect position and shape for healing. They heal by reabsorbing the injected fat, and within a period of up to 4 weeks, you will be in perfect shape and condition.

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