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Integrated Health and Wellness

integrated health

Your resolution to stay healthy touches on three main aspects including social, biological and psychological needs. To attain this noble cause, you’ll have to embrace interprofessional healthcare approach. While the clinician addresses the observable symptoms, applied kinesiology will restore and optimize the function of the body systems. That’s not all. There’ll be the need for neuro-emotional treatment technics, fitness facilities, diet recommendations and many more. This is the core of integrated health and wellness.

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The patient needs to go beyond the medicine. This shows that attempts to achieve holistic health within the community invite happiness as part of the equation. It implies that the integration of wellness-building activities such as after-school fun with family and friends are inseparable from healthy living. So, as the body benefits, the mind also gains and you’ll meet your health resolution goals.

integrated wellnessA brief insight into the wellness aspect shows the role that natural health tools play in this relationship. A better understanding of the body nutrients and the neurological balance results in the recommendation for the right nutrients and resolution of the emotional imbalances respectively. Amidst all these, you’ll still need a psychologist to address the hard-to-treat behavioural challenges.

Health integration is valuable in different settings. In the primary care, the patients and family members will enjoy lower costs due to the holistic approaches. Similarly, there is a reduction in the depression among those in the long-term care setting. Both community-based healthcare service providers and social service sites benefit through the increased access to their services. The quality of care in an integrated health system is the main advantage that sets it apart from other approaches

Every aspect of your body stands a chance to benefit from integrated health and wellness integration. It’s important to set an attainable health resolution that will enable you to live a healthy life.

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