Breasts After Implant Removal

What Should You Expect Of Your Breasts After Implant Removal

There are a lot more questions to ask before one decide to visits a doctor for breast implant removal. Knowing the outcome of your actions is often very important so that you don’t end up making mistakes that you could have avoided. A breast implant has been common nowadays especially for women who feel they are not satisfied with the nature of their breasts. However many patients have always shown their intention and the desire to have their implant removed after some period of time. The reason may be due to a health issue or you are not satisfied with your breast augmentation and need implant removal.

What should you expect of your breasts after implant removal?

Implant removal can be very effective if performed by an accredited surgeon with experience and passion for his/her work. If done in this way, then you can always enjoy your smile as the breasts implant that was bothering you will be totally removed. You can also build your confidence after the implant removal as you will be back to your natural look.

Breasts After Implant RemovalThe common change you would witness with your breast after implant removal is that the size of your breast will reduce naturally. This is because when the implant is removed, your skin becomes loose and corresponding filaments which were bulging outward because of the implant are untied. It’s advisable to perform implant replacement the moment you have replaced the original one. If an implant is removed without replacement, then there wrinkles and cellulite will be observed on your breast. This will make your breast to look loose and saggy.

The other common problem that may be observed after breast implant removal is the difference in size and shape of your breasts. This often happens if you’re the surgeon who performed the surgery wasn’t keen enough and placed the implant inside or under the breast muscle. This will distort your breast and interfere with the natural symmetry we have been used to.

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