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Factors That Affects Belt Lipectomy Cost

Belt Lipectomy, also referred to as lower body lift or panniculectomy or abdominal lipectomy is a surgery done to get rid of excess skin and loose fat of the lower abdomen. It involves lifting the abdomen and buttocks in one operation, and it often leaves scars around the waist.

Do you need Belt Lipectomy?

You might need to go for lower body lifting if you lose quite a lot of weight after a weight loss surgery and it resulted into extra folds of skin which are causing discomfort, trouble while walking, urinating or with sexual activity etc.

What is the cost of Belt Lipectomy?

Now that you are convinced that you need Belt Lipectomy, what’s the cost? Belt lipectomy cost depends on some factors.

belt lipectomy costPatient’s Body Fat

If you have a large amount of fat in your body, you might need to do liposuction before the commencement of Belt Lipectomy which will increase the cost of the surgery.

The surgeon’s qualifications

Although experienced surgeons charge more for the operation, it saves you time, discomfort and risk of complications compared to less qualified surgeons.

Your medical history and general health

Patients suffering from chronic diseases that affect their immune system might spend more. Their chronic condition may make their surgery complicated to perform and recover from.

The location where the operation is performed

With differences in cost of living and income levels in the US, belt lipectomy cost changes slightly from place to place. Coupled with the fact that some patients travel to find a surgeon with specific expertise to suit their need, the traveling expenses increases the cost incurred during the process.

The type of sedation and anesthesia used

Before body lifting surgery can be performed, anesthesia must be used to help with the pain. Either the surgeon uses local anesthesia or a more expensive one which the surgeon will decide the mode of application. The type and amount of sedative used during the surgery will have an effect on the total cost of the surgery.

When deciding if you need to go for body lifting surgery, remember, there is a lot to consider as regards the cost of the surgery.

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