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Month: September 2019

facial reconstruction surgery before and after

Facial reconstruction surgery before and after

Many people think that facial reconstruction surgery and cosmetic surgery of the face are the same. Patients claim that they need to have face reconstruction after injury during playing sports. Unfortunately, they are wrong. While facial cosmetic surgery improves and enhances normal structures of the face, facial reconstruction surgery reshapes its deformities brought about by genes, accident, or other medical conditions.

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dimple plastic surgery

The truth about dimple plastic surgery

It seems that with modern medicine, there is not a single part of the human body that cannot be “upgraded”. Dimple plastic surgery is now available for people who would want to have fake dimples put on their cheeks. Please visit aurhinoplastysydney.com.au/ to read about cosmetic surgery.

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plastic surgery abroad

Is Having Plastic Surgery Abroad Worth It?

If there is a place outside your country that would offer you the fastest, most effective, and most affordable plastic surgery procedure, would you go? Just like plastic surgery, there are also many people who are considering getting dental implants abroad. Before completely decide, you should ask this: should you get your dental implants in Bali?

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clinic of cosmetic surgery

How to promote a clinic of cosmetic surgery

Having cosmetic surgery is not a decision that most people make suddenly. The idea will come to them and they will often think hard about it, do some research and only then make inquiries. As a cosmetic surgery clinic, do you need cosmetic surgery ads? Read http://mediboost.com.au/cosmetic-surgery-seo/ to learn how to make a successful marketing strategy for your clinic.

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