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Month: August 2019

chinese plastic surgery

Chinese Plastic Surgery Development

The day is approaching, when China becomes one of the world’s largest markets for cosmetic and plastic surgery. The demand for services of this industry is steadily growing.

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cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery

There are many options to change or enhance your looks. From simple treatments to achieve whiter teeth up to the extent of reconstructrive treatments via cosmetic or plastic surgery. The latter is ever increasing in popularity these days but majority don’t understand the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery. There is much in store about these closely related procedures. Here is all you need to know about cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery!

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periodontal plastic surgery

Enjoy Healthy Dentures With Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Are you battling a severe gum infection? Do you feel acute pain while chewing? In case the answers are yes, your dentures need urgent attention. If left untreated, such gum infection or disease could magnify leading to major issues. The good news is you may avoid such undesirable episode through periodontal plastic surgery. To know about the various periodontal plastic surgery procedures, visit ddssdentistsydneycbd.com.au for more info. Meanwhile, let’s find out all about periodontal plastic surgery in a nutshell.

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dermatologist microneedling

What is a dermatologist microneedling for?

What is dermatologist micro needling? It is a derma roller or minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that entails the use of small needles to prick the skin. Basically to generate new skin tissue and collagen for a firmer, glowy, more toned and smoother skin. The procedure is also known as collagen induction therapy. To know more about what it can do you can read more at www.lvdental.com.au/skin-microneedling.

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lip augmentation fat transfer

Lip Augmentation Fat Transfer

For those of us who struggle with the fact hat we were not born with a plump pout, with all of the products out there promising instant results, what’s a girl to do? Among the best, easiest and most natural options is a lip augmentation fat transfer. This simple procedure is a good long term solution as lip augmentation fat transfers last 3 times longer than lip augmentation with injections bacause they transfer the fat that occurs naturally in your body into your pucker with little or no downtime and instantaneous results.

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